Montana's First Lady of Rodeo...

Who We Are

About Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc


The purpose and function for which Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc. is established does not include pecuniary profit, gain or private advantage for the incorporators, trustees, officers, members, nor for the corporation. Notwithstanding that this corporation shall be authorized to and have the following objectives and purposes:

  •  To promote western heritage and rodeo within the State of Montana.
  •  To organize, develop, strengthen, correlate, participate and conduct the Miss Rodeo Montana Pageant and participate in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. To annually develop, organize and conduct the Miss Rodeo Montana Pageant following the current Miss Rodeo America, Inc. rules.
  •  To support, guide and direct the reigning Miss Rodeo Montana and to prepare her to participate in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.



MRMI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) volunteer organization funded through supporter donations and dedicated to the purpose of education:

1. Educating the public about the sport of Professional Rodeo, our western way of life and the role of agriculture.

2. Educating young women through the Miss Rodeo Montana Pageant, the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, and involvement with local rodeo pageants throughout the State of Montana

Our vision for each young woman is that they may: acquire a greater understanding of the world around them, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, gain valuable life skills, and gain opportunities for advancement of their personal and professional lives.


What MRM is looking for when it comes to young ladies who are interested in pursuing MTRM/MRM

Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc. hosts an annual pageant to help select two young ladies, one for the title of Miss Teen Rodeo Montana (age 14-18) and one for the title of Miss Rodeo Montana (age 19-24). To compete for one of these titles, the contestant must not only be knowledgeable about Professional Rodeo and general horsemanship, they also need to be well-informed of current events. They must be able to ride a variety of horses well; know and wear current western trends and dress appropriately for the event; and speak articulately in both formal and informal situations. Finally they should be able to share their love for the sport of rodeo and the western way of life in their own unique way.

When competing in the Miss Rodeo Montana pageant, there are four categories to which each young lady who vies for the title of Miss Rodeo Montana or Miss Teen Rodeo Montana are judged. Those categories are horsemanship, appearance, personality, and projection/presentation, with each category being worth 25% of the contestant’s score. There are three judges who judge them during the entire length of the pageant and each contestant has the same opportunities to be judged informally, in formal interviews, and other activities deemed appropriate by the pageant committee.


How does the MRM meld with/incorporate the western/ranching/cowboy/cowgirl way of life

The young ladies that have held the title of Miss Rodeo Montana and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana have represented all areas of the great state of Montana. While these ladies often have their own set of unique talents, skills, and upbringings, the majority of them have grown up around agriculture and have been riding horses most of their life. Many of them have competed in rodeo themselves, anywhere from local junior rodeos all the way up to Professional Rodeo. The western way of life that these young women have come to know is often what drives their passion for the title they’ve earned.


How does MRM represent this lifestyle and challenges she/the organization represent

By traveling throughout Montana and the Western United States, Miss Rodeo Montana has an opportunity to meet people of all walks of life. She is then able to serve as a friendly-face who is willing to answer questions and help explain Professional Rodeo and anything-agriculturally related.


What, where, and how does MRM work with MRA and the PRCA

The Miss Rodeo Montana organization works directly with Miss Rodeo America, Inc. as well as the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit and local Professional Rodeo committees.

Miss Rodeo Montana and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana represent, first and foremost Professional Rodeo, but also has knowledge and passion for many of the rodeo organizations within Montana. Miss Rodeo Montana looks up to and often examples herself after the current Miss Rodeo America.


How does MRM work with and educate the public/non-rodeo type folks

Miss Rodeo Montana has numerous opportunities to interact with the public. The most common examples are through autograph sessions, rodeo performances when she is not riding in the arena, kiddie rodeos that she hosts or is a part of, and various media interviews. It is in these moments, Miss Rodeo Montana often fields questions and shares information about rodeo and agriculture.


How does MRM educate and/or deal with the anti/protest industry

The young lady who earns the title of Miss Rodeo Montana receives that position, in part for her ability to be articulate and handle situations graciously. Although it is rare, Miss Rodeo Montana knows to eloquently state factual information to anyone who has concerns and/or protests and finally dismiss herself if the conversation becomes heated.