Montana's First Lady of Rodeo...

Miss Rodeo Montana 1998

Misty Brookman


Second Time Around

By Ed Hebbe IV, Montana Trappers Association

During another bone chilling year in Great Falls, MTA President, Ed Hebbe III and Recording Secretary, Ed Hebbe IV made the trip on January 12, to present the new Miss Rodeo Montana with a red fox and leather trimmed jacket. Miss Rodeo Montana 1997, Christina Boldt was on hand as well to coronate the new rodeo queen.

Out of five contestants Miss Misty Brookman of Molt, Montana (near Billings) was coronated during this year's ceremony. Amid instant tears, Misty couldn't have been happier to represent Montana and professional rodeo.

Misty participated in the 1997 Miss Rodeo Montana pageant for her parents. However, this year she was bound and determined to walk away with the crown as she chose to run again for herself. Proving that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Misty was unaware the fur coat presented to her by Ed III and IV was hers to keep. She stated that her mother had a few coats herself. Her mother's reply. "Honey, fur coats are like diamonds. You can never have enough."

Look for Misty during this year's rodeo circuit throughout Montana and thank her for supporting rodeo as well as the MTA.